About Us

What we really do?

Everyday we unite the world with Israelite businesses, products, and services. Helping in the consistent pursuit of truth and development.

Our Vision

By Israelite seeks to assist a thriving community by adding ease of access to like minded individuals.

History of Beginning

By Israelite was started as a sheet of paper with  8 businesses and phone numbers written down. 7 years later it is now a sustainable market place and tool for many people in the pursuit of truth, grace, and peace.

Kaab Ibar Founder

Imanualah COO

Jaun R. Sales Manager

Ricardo B. Shipping Manager

What we really do?

We at By Israelite strive to unite the world with Israelite businesses, products, and services. By creating a market place and social community experience that allows for growth and connections in a manner that you can only be received through this platform.

Our Vision

By Israelite seeks to assist Israelites by creating a  tool that can be used to further growth and experience as you navigate through your journey.

History of the Company

By Israelite was started in 2016 and Incorporated 2023. The company started on a sheet of paper as a list of businesses and phone numbers. Through networking and development it is now the platform that can be used as the tool to advance your personal growth and development.

Cooperate with Us!

To cooperate with us just join as a customer, seller, or student and get access to features and benefits that allow for all of us to grow together. You could start today! Visit the register page.

What can we do for you ?

There is access to a toll free line and messaging applications for support. Support is usually handled within 24 hours upon notice of issues. Some issues require more time and patience.

By Israelite and it’s vendors strive to provide you with the best quality products and services the community has to offer.

We strive to keep delivery times fast as possible based off all events that occur region to region.

By Israelite always keeps the customer in mind. Therefore we strive to improve the experience and resolve all issues that may occur expediently.

Through years of perseverance and growth we have serviced 200+ customers and hope to help more.

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